My 2014 summer skin care routine: Step 1/3 remove makeup and clean

August 24th, 2014
Hello readers I have talked a lot about skin care on this blog but I haven’t shared my routine or the products I am using at the moment. So today I want to share my summer skin care routine (from May to October) and I am going to start with the most important step to me: removing makeup and cleansing my skin.
In the evening after a long day at work I start removing my makeup with a waterproof liquid eye makeup remover (Gemey or La Roche-Posay) and small cotton pads. I soak the cotton pads with products and hold it on my eyes with a little bit of pressure for a few seconds then I wipe it away. Those past months I have been using the 2 products below and I am going to review them soon.

At the moment I like to remove makeup on my face with micellar water and large cotton pads. Right now I am using the one by Garnier which is a discovery for me, and it works well. I always use 3 cotton pads for my all face. Do not expect a micellar water to remove ALL your makeup; but it will gently remove most of it.
To remove every bit of makeup I followed this step with a regular gel cleanser. The gentle cleanser by Kiehl’s cleanses your skin but also helps to remove makeup. The texture of it is a little bit sticky so I feel like it grabs every bit of makeup left. I always clean twice with water. A first time to finish removing every bit of makeup, the second time to actually clean my skin, remove pollution, bacterias and excess sebum. This cleanser is very gentle on normal to oily skin so I can clean my skin twice with it with no problem.

When I am done doing all of that I pat dry my face with a light color clean towel or a white tissue. This part is important because a clean towel or tissue will prevent bacterias from being put back on your face. They can cause blemishes and blackheads. A light color towel or a white tissue will allow you to see if you have done a good job or not because you can easily see if there is any makeup left on your skin.
This is the first step that I follow everyday to remove my everyday makeup.
To clean my skin in the morning or when I don't wear makeup (mostly the weekends) I just use Kiehl’s cleanser twice on my face.

Coming soon: tone and moisturize


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