Fashion summer trends-2014- Part 3/3:mesh style, sailor style and one-shoulder dresses and tops

 July 1st 2014 
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Hello readers today is the last post of my series "2014 summer fashion trends". You can read   part 1 here and part 2 here.
The sailor style is a fashion trend almost every summer and once again you can find it in most stores. The easy way to wear your sailor outfit it is to pair it with a red or navy blue top/bottom. If you want to be more original you should try to pair it with bright colors like yellow, pink, orange or green. For those who always want to look thinner you should avoid stripes as it will make you look like you have gained a few pounds.
The mesh style is a huge trend this summer so you will find it everywhere from luxurious brands (below; Christian Dior and Chloe) to retail stores (above). Once again if you want to look thinner mesh is not the best choice as it adds volume to the silhouette but if you still want to follow this trend you can also pick outfits where the mesh is placed on limited areas only like the red top above.

One shoulder-dresses and tops give a sexy look to any outfit and this year we have a large choice. I have to say that I have never bought a one-shoulder top or dress although I really love it on women in general. My problem is that I feel like I am not completely dressed. I know that sounds stupid but that's just how I feel...
As I said above I have never bought a one-shoulder dress but if I had the money I would definitely buy the lovely dress by jean Paul Gaultier (on the left below).

In the last three posts I presented you 6 huge 2014 summer fashion trends; my favorite one being the crop top because I can easily see myself wearing one on a casual day during the weekend and an other one with high waisted pants on a work day ; so sexy and classy. 
Now let me know what is you favorite 2014 summer trend ?


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