Bisous de Paris !

 July 4th; 2014 
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Hello hello, I don’t really talk about my private life on this blog because I want it to stay mainly focused on beauty, fashion, etc… But a few months ago on my “ Liebster award post” that you read HERE I talked a little bit about me and among other things I said that I was living in London.
Well things changed and work brought me back to Paris 2 weeks ago. I did work in Paris a couple of years ago so that is not a new city for me but I though you should know about this change as you may recognize the city trough upcoming pictures anyway. This new position will also take me to an unexpected country during the next 12 months. But I am not going to talk about it as off yet; you just have to be patient and keep reading this blog…

Hope life is being as good with you as it has been with me lately, and if that is not the case do not worry your turn will come...

XOxo from Paris


  1. What did you study while in Uni? and how was your Uni life? maybe do a video about your Uni experience, thanks I love your blog😊

    1. Hi, I studied Economics and finance. And I loved Uni, I have always love school and I met my current best friends at Uni. I'll thnk about making a video about that. Thank you for the suggestion.:-)


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