Fashion summer trends-2014- Part 2/3: Jumpsuits and crop tops ...

 29 Juin 2014 
Hello this is the second part of my series on the 2014 summer fashion trends; you can read part 1 here.
Jumpsuits are everywhere this year and they come in many different styles. On the above picture you can notice that you can wear it for any occasion; on a casual day (KooKai) or in the evening on a special occasion (ZARA). The only place where I would not feel comfortable to wear a jumpsuit is work. It does not matter how fancy the jumpsuit looks like, I just think it is not appropriate for the office. But I have to add that it also depends of your field of work. If you work in the fashion industry for instance, I am sure it is not a problem for you.
The only tip I will give about jumpsuits is very simple. If you are short stick with short jumpsuits only as a regular one will make you look even shorter even if you decide to wear high heels. If you are tall lucky you you can easily wear both.

Many high-end brands like Chanel below, showcased many crop tops during the 2014 summer fashion week and this trend can now be found in more affordable stores as well.
Crop tops give a sexy look to women, as long as you have a flat stomach of course If you make the fashion mistake to pair it with a short bottom like a mini skirt/short you can easily go from sexy to trashy. So for me the rule number 1 for every women younger and older is to wear crop tops with long bottoms like pants or maxi skirts or medium lenght skirts or pants. 
Unless you are near the beach, working out, or unless you are still a teenager I would avoid to wear a crop top to show off your belly buttom. It does look cute on teenagers but not so much on women I think, even if you have the body of Gisèle Bundchen. So for women  and /or young women a crop top will look much better if you associate this outfit with a high waisted pants or skirt. 
Jumpsuits and crop tops are originals outfits in a wardrobe, so I hope these tips will give you ideas to style them in order to look your best.


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