Fashion summer trends-2014- Part 1/3: Bright orange and bright yellow...

 June 25th 2014 
Hello my readers; summer is finally here and the big summer sales are starting very soon in Europe so it is time to find out what we can find in stores. This week I am going to present 6 summer trends that you can find in most stores whether it is retail store or a high-end one.
Yellow is a beautiful color for the summer but it is also very difficult to wear for some as it does not suit every skin tone. It will definitely look much better on you if you are tanned or if you have naturally dark skinned. If you don't fit in those lucky categories don't feel sad because you can still find ways to wear this trendy color. For instance you can play with yellow accessories like shoes, bracelets or bags. Most people would be scared to wear this color at work but you can make it work if you balance the all outfit. In this case there are 2 things to keep in mind to keep the all outfit professional looking.
n°1/The cut of the bright yellow outfit must be very simple and professional looking; nothing extravagant
n°2/You need to pair this color with a very neutral color such as beige, white, black or grey.   
Orange is the second huge color trend this summer. I have to say that I am very plesaed about that because this color is very rare in stores usually, so if you are also in love with it; it is time to stock up on some orange outfits as it is everywhere this summer.

Unlike the color yellow this color suits everyone whether you have very dark skin or very fair skin.

Now for those who are still scared of wearing one bright color you also have the option to mix it with other colors like this beautiful skirt above if that may help you feel more comfortable.


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