My review: Brightening essence serum by L'occitane for a more even-toned and brighter skin complexion???

 May 14th; 2014 
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Hello readers, you should know by know that I am always looking for products and techniques that may help me even out my skin complexion. I have been trying different products for years; and now that I have a blog I can share those experiences with you. I did a post last summer about the "Caudalie radiance serum" and said how much I love it. It became my serum of choice for the summer and I do plan on using it again this coming summer. But I am still looking for an efficient product to use during the winter. This winter I used two products. The first one being the Un-wrinkle peel pads by Peter Thomas Roth the second being this one; the "Brightening essence serum by l'Occitane.
I bought this serum last spring knowing that I will have to wait until the winter to use it because I was already using other products. But I was to impatient, I just could not wait. I started to use this product in December. It is the first one I bought from this brand but it is not the first one I have tried. I got several samples from this brand in the past; mostly moisturizers and I liked it. L'Occitane is a French well known natural based brand that sales product internationally. For all those reasons I was having high hope with this serum.

I was a little bit worried before using this product because it does contain many natural ingredients and I found out years ago already that my skin may get bad reactions because of that. The main active ingredients here are "Bellis perennis" or daisy flower and a derivative of vitamin C. The brand explains in the instrutions that this flower offers a brightening extract that contributes to regulate melanin production so skin gets brighter and more even-toned.
As the instructions state I used it every day, morning and night and I did not get any allergic reactions. The serum is light and gets absorb into the skin fast. The pump is very usefull to get the right amount of product out. You only need a small amount to apply it all other your face. The amount of product on the above picture is more than what you need. It has a strong natural smell of flowers that did not bother me. I need to add that there is no perfume and no alcohol in this product.

This serum seems to have everything to be amazing. Well it was not. I used this product for 1 month and a half only. The first 3 weeks I did not see any difference in my skin; nothing good nothing bad. Starting the fourth week I slowly realized that my skin was looking duller, less luminous which is exactly what I was trying to fight. To sum up this serum was just getting my skin concerns worst and worst. There was still plenty of product in the bottle when I stopped using it but with the result I was getting I just could not use this serum anymore. Few weeks after I stopped using it my skin got back to normal.

Who should buy this product ?
From my experience I did not see any benefits using this product so I cannot recomend it 
to anyone.
Will I repurchase this product ?
Absolutely not because it makes my skin concerns worst.
Price :46£/54€/$70/AUD$89
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If you have already used this product before, please let us know below what was your result. 


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