My review: Un-wrinkle peel pads by Peter Thomas Roth for a more even-toned and brighter skin complexion???

 April 8th; 2014 
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Hello, today I want to review a product I have tried a few months ago already. Each year when the weather is transitioning from summer to winter my skin becomes duller and more uneven and that becomes my n°1 skin concern. This year I have decided to try out the "un-wrinkle peel pads" from Peter Thomas Roth to improve those issues. I decided to give a try to this product because I had already used other pads from the same brand; “the gentle complexion correction pads” that target other skin issues and they were not so bad. Now let's find out more about those particular peel pads.
Peter Thomas Roth is an american brand that combines effective and potent ingredients with advanced  technology. The “un-wrinkle peel pads” act as a chemical peel that you can use daily am and/or pm or a few times a week. They act as *chemical exfoliants because they are soaked with an active solution that contains ingredients such as glycolic acids, lactic acids, or salicylic acids. That may seem scary but the solution is also filled with moisturizing properties and there is no alcohol. The brand claims that those pads "help to minimize pores, clarify the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Leaves skin soft, smooth, firm and revitalized." I can give my opinion on all those aspects except for the ones related to wrinkles, fine lines and firmness because I don’t have those issues yet.

The product contains 60 pads soaked up with the solution. The pads are completely smooth on one side while the other side has some texture that will help with the *exfoliation (see picture below). The solution has a strong medicinal scent. I have used those pads every night for 45 days. Those, are cleansing and exfoliating pads so you can also choose to clean your face with the smooth side but I chose to clean my face as usual. Once my face was clean  and dry I used to apply the pads on my face, wait for 3 minutes and rinse with cold water to neutralize the product as it is advised on the directions. Honestly sometimes I was leaving the solution on my face longer (5 to 10 min) with no problem.
The good: My skin tends to have random allergic reactions to some ingredients so I am always scared to use a new product but I did not get any problems with this one. This product contains a high level of active ingredients so I was also scared that it might irritates or dry out my face but it did not. It does contain moisturizing properties that are truly effective.
-Leaves skin smooth and soft? Yes it did, it is effective to gently exfoliate the skin. I could feel and see the difference
-Minimize pores? Yes it did, they did not disappear but I did notice they were less visible.
The bad: As I said above this product is not drying, but the bad thing  is that it is way too moisturizing for my skin type (combination/dehydrated).
-Clarify skin? Not really as my skin was too moisturized; to the point it became oiler. I did not get more blemishes but I did not get less blemishes either.
-Reduce uneven skin tone? That is the main reason I bought this product and unfortunately it dod not do anything at all for that.

I have used this product for 45 days, from October to November and overall I was disappointed because the main reason I bought it was to even out my skin tone and it did not do anything for that. I still have some pads left but I did not go through with it because as I said above I realized that it was too moisturizing for my skin type and it was not a pleasant feeling. To sum up I would not repurchase this product but I think it could be more useful for someone with normal/dry skin that is looking for a gentle but effective exfoliation.

PS: The pads are big and soaked up with solution so to save up some money you can also cut them in half to get 120 uses out of it instead of 60.

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