Girl in the city: my lovely trench coat

 April 26th, 2014 
Hello, today I decided to do something a little bit different than usual but at the same time it is something I wish I could do much more often on this blog. With those pictures I want to share with you one of my look for this weekend. It is difficult for me to do those kind of posts because I need somoene to help me taking the pictures and that's not that easy; but I am seriously working on it... So thanks to my great friend for helping me out on this one !!!
On my last post I was all happy that spring has finally made its appearance, but the weather is still not stable. The day we took the pictures it was raining then sunny then rainning again etc... I think a nice trench coat is perfect to wear under such an unstable weather and I decided to pair it with those modern rainning boots as both colors match so well together. I was out in the city for shopping that day, but I did not find anything :-(

As the weather was really strange I decided to wear this bright pink top to remember myself that yes, it is spring regardless of the actual weather. I picked this nice black and white printed skirt because it fits with any top as long as it has one single color. This simple skirt is always so easy to wear, it seems to me that it fits with any of my outfits; and here again the skirt is in perfect harmony with the entire look: colors and styles.

Have a nice weekend !
XOxo, Dianna.H

Photo: Sylvana.R/Makeup: get the look HERE
Outfit: Trench coat: GAP/ Top: Monoprix(french supermarket)/Skirt: Gap/Tights: Uniqlo/Bag: Mango/
Boots: Bocage


  1. Ce rose te va super bien !! Bisous bisous

  2. Merci beaucoup; je suis une grande fan des couleurs au point que j e n'ai même pas un pull blanc ou noir
    dans ma garde robe lol!


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