Battle of the brands/ waterproof makeup removers: Lancôme Bi-facil vs Bioderma micellar water

 March 23rd; 2014 
Hello, today I have a new battle of the brands for you. First let me tell you how I got the idea of introducing those particular products to you.
I have been using Bioderma micellar water for years now, I even talked about it on my post "First step for a beautiful skin: clean your face". I use it sometimes to remove all my makeup followed by a gel cleanser but most of the time I use it to remove my eye makeup only. It is very gentle for the eyes so I have always loved it. If you are a regular reader of my blog you should know by now that my favorite mascara is "they’re real" from Benefit. It is a long lasting mascara that is truly long lasting and I have never had any problems to remove it with the Bioderma lotion. It does remove everything easily. See picture below how the cotton pads look after holding it on to my eyes for 20 to 30 sec.
From time to time I like to try out new mascaras and lately I tried out the Max Factor Masterpiece in waterproof. The first time I tried to remove it with the Bioderma micellar water; guess what ? Almost nothing was coming off. To be able to remove it completely  I then had to follow this product with some of my two favorite makeup removers. It is a lot, too much I think and I don’t like to be so rough on my eyes so I got upset. The Bioderma product states on the instruction that it is also good to remove waterproof makeup… Really ?
At that moment the only mascara I had was this one and I liked it so I had to figure out a way to remove it gently. Few months back I had bought a foundation from Lancôme and received as a free gift a sample of their makeup remover so I finally decided to give this one a try as the instruction also states that it works on waterproof makeup. And guess what ? This one works great. Buy you should not just believe my words. That’s why I also have pictures.

To remove my eye makeup I always soak up two cotton pads with product, I place them on my closed eyes and press gently for a few seconds (20 to 30s). Below are the results that I got.
I have seen a few comments on the Internet stating that Bioderma will remove waterproof mascara if you hold it for a few minutes. So I decided to give Bioderma another try and hold the pads longer: 2 to 3 minutes. The result is barely different (see picture below).
I don’t know how long those persons have waited or even if they were using a real waterproof mascara. But here are my results with pictures to prove it. I had the same results with the false lash flutter mascara in waterproof from l'Oréal. The verdict is easy, it’s not working. I think that 3 minutes should be enough because nobody wants to spend 10 minutes trying to remove eye makeup.  I still love the Bioderma micelar watter for many reasons but it’s definitely not appropriate for real waterproof mascara.

The Lancôme is amazing but it is not cheap so I think I am gone test other affordable so called waterproof makeup removers and see if I can find anything as good before taking the plunge on a full size bottle. So more battles of the brands on waterproof makeup removers are on their way. To be continued … 


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