UPDATE- BlackUp CC cream Multi-Action: my final review

 February 26th; 2014  
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Hello; today I am going to do an update review on the CC cream by BlackUp. I did a first review here last summer but it could not be completely fair as I had tested the cream on very hot days. That's why I had promised to do an update.  So I have used it again those past months and here is my final opinion.
I have already thoroughly talked about BB and CC creams on the previous post. To sum up, the first BB creams were created to provide in one product the benefits of several skin care products as well as the benefits of a foundation. For me the ones that are sold to us nowadays, work the same as tinted moisturizers. Meaning that they act as a foundation and as a moisturizer at the same time.
After onethin layer of the CC cream
Before CC cream

-Whether it is summer or winter it is a good moisturizer for my combination/dehydrated skin.
-It is a very long lasting product.  
-I have combination skin but I do not need a primer or a powder because my skin does not turn oily.
-This cream is buildable. You can easily get a light to medium coverage.
-I have sensitive skin and did not get any bad reactions with this cream;
-I can’t get my exact shade. I need to buy 2 CC creams to get something kind of close to my skin tone. On the below picture, when you closely look at my hair line, you can see the difference. Close to my scalp my natural skin color looks warmer than my face which has the foundation.
-I wish it would look more natural. When I was looking for a CC cream I was looking for something that would look extremely natural on my skin something that will give me a glow but I don’t get that with that cream.
Is it a product that I would repurchase? 
No because i need to buy two products to get a shade that does not give me full satisfaction . 
No because "extremely natural" and "glow" are the key words for me when I am looking for an everyday foundation, a CC or a BB cream and I don't getthat with this product.
Is it a product that I would finish? 
Yes, because I don’t like to waste product and money and the product is not bad it is just not exactly what I was expecting.
Who would enjoy this product?
-People with sensitive skin because my very complicated skin did not have a problem with it and that is a miracle.
-People with normal/combination/oily skin because your skin won’t get shiny.
-Those, lucky enough to find their perfect shade.
-You would also like this product if you like the option of building the coverage.
Price: €34/£27/$39.50


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