Products I should have never bought: Melvita cleansing jelly and A-derma micellar gel

 February 21st, 2014 
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Hello, today I want to give my opinion on 2 products I bought a year ago. I have already quickly talked about one of them on the post "step 1 for a beautiful skin". So almosta year ago I was looking for soft makeup removers. I was already enjoying micellar water but I did not like the fact that I had to use cotton pads each time. That's why I was pleased when I found out about micellar jelly as it can be used with cotton pads or with fingers. Those 2 below products are designed as makeup removers and regular cleansers.
Melvita : Apicosma  cleansing jelly for normal/combination skin (main active ingredients: melissa, honey, verbena). Melvita is a brand that uses mostly natural and organic ingredients you can find them on their website hereI had high hope with this product because it was a fair price (around £8/€10) for a product containing 99.24% of natural ingredients and 24.74% of organic ingredients. The jelly is very easy to apply on the skin and it has a lovely sweet smell. For those reasons I really wanted to love it but I had to face 2 problems. First it does not remove makeup properly; you probably need to wash your face 4 times before all your makeup is gone. My second problem is that I got an allergic reaction with this product. I am not sure but I think it is because of honey; my skin does not seem to like it. My skin tends to have bad reactions with many products that contain mostly natural ingredients so you may not have the same issue.
A-Derma: sensiphase micellar gel for reactive skin (main active ingredient: rhealba oat). A-derma is brand that targets very sensitive skin. You can easily find it in French pharmacies but also on international website. This jelly is also very easy to work on the skin and it has a very light natural smell. Again here the jelly did not remove my makeup properly unless I was washing my face 4 times with it. The good thing is that I did not have any allergic reaction with it.
Those 2 products are the only jelly makeup removers I have used and they did not work for me. It is unfortunate because I really enjoy the texture of the jelly.  I think that those jelly products work better in the morning, when you only need a soft and simple cleansing. If you tend to have redness or if your skin is dry or very sensitive/reactive it should work great for you to use. My skin is sensitive, reactive but it is also combination so if I can’t remove makeup with those, they are not usefully for me to use as everyday cleansers as my combination skin needs more than that.


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