My review: Nuxe Rêve de Miel ultra nourishing lip balm

 February 9th; 2014 
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Hello, today I want to review an original lip product by the French brand Nuxe. Nuxe is a brand that uses mostly natural ingredients. For instance this product is 80.2% natural and the main ingredients are: shea butter, acacia honey, beeswax, almond oil... The brand states that this concentrated formula works to nourish, repair and protect dry and chapped lips and that it was tested under Canadian extreme cold weather.
This product has a very thick consistanccy; it looks like a yellow paste but it melts easily between fingers so it is not difficult to a apply on the lips. You get 0.52 oz in a hard glass packaging (4 times the quantity of a regular stick), and trust me when I say that you only need a very small amount; way smaller than the below picture. For me the smell is a mix of honey, lemon and oil. I love this smell as it is not too strong.

If you are familiar with my blog you should know by now that I have extremely dry and/or
chapped lips all year long so when I bought this product I had very high expectations. Well this product disapointed me at first. I used it like any balm and did not understand the hype about it as it was working no better than a bad lip balm. Because I had bought the product I did not want to waist my money so I tried different ways to use it and finally understood how it works.
1/ Unike what the brand states, I don't think that this product on its own is good enough to repair or nourish dry/chapped lips but I think it is perfect to maintain and protect from the cold, lips that are already nourished. Let me explain you how I use it now. A few times a week I use a scrub followed by an other lip balm (Avène "cold cream") to nourish and repair my lips. I use the Nuxe "Rêve de miel" to protect my lips against the cold weather when I am out; and it works. If you have very dry lips like mine you know that even if you re-apply your lip balm 10 times during the day it is never enough. This product is different, you apply it once and it works better because it really acts as a barrier against the cold.
2/My second reason to like this product is the fact that you can use it under lipsticks. Most lip balms tend to be very glossy so it is complicated to add a lipstick on top as it can't stick to your lips properly; especially with matte lipsticks. You won't face this problem with the "rêve de miel" balm as its formula is neither shiny nor slippery. On the bellow picture I am wearing a semi -matte lipstick (Red Lizard from Nars), and without this balm underneath I would not be able to smile like that because my lips would be way too dry.
This is how this product works on my very dry/chapped lips. So if you have the same issues this is a good product as long as you understand how it works and how to use it. Hope it helps !
You can easily find the "Rêve de miel balm"from Nuxe in any French paharmacies.
Or on international website like this one:  for AUD$19/ £9.50/US$16 or €12



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