Chic hair style: Side french braid with extensions

 February 12th; 2014 
Hello, today I want to share a nice hair style that I have been working on lately. It is a long side french braid with extensions that is perfect for any occasion where you have to be chic.

First of all if your hair is naturally very long and thick you absolutely don't need to add extensions and this style is going to be much more easier for you. A side french braid is not more difficult to do than a regular french braid. The only difference here is that you need to pull the hair from one side to an other before you add new rows to your french braid. Here I had to pull all my hair from the left side of my head to the right side.                                                    The difficulty for me here was to add the extensions. I had done this style before but I was never satisfied. I used to add the extensions at the end of the french braid, into the regular braid. The result was not good because it was not looking natural enough, it would easily unravel and you could see exactly where I had added the extensions. When I was adding less extensions the final braid was looking way too thin than my liking. So after several trials and errors I finally found the right technique.                                           While I braid my french braid I add a portion of my extensions bended in two at several levels under my hair, then I braid everything together. I added the extension at 2 different levels in the french braid and one more time at the beginning of the regular braid. I hope I am clear enough. To sum up I just try to allocate the exensions evenly into the braid, that way it is big enough and it also looks natural.

For this look I used very basic and cheap hair extensions that you can easily find in any Afro-Caribbean hair store. I used two colors; a 1b (black) and a 2 (off black) to mimic mine. I used 2 packs of synthetic extensions for less than £1 per pack. The texture of the exensions is very similar to mine so it blended perfectly I can't even see myself where exactly is my own hair, and where are the extensions..
Hope you enjoy this look !

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  1. WOW this is great!! I love it. Great post.

    1. Thank you ! I love this hair style because it is so chiic but at the same time so easy and quick :-)

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