Party makeup: smokey purple

 January 7th; 2014 
Here is the makeup I wore for New Year’s Eve. It is a great makeup look for the night that can work for parties, dinners etc... It is very easy to do; you just need to follow those steps.

1-The base
I started by applying the lighter shade of the Eve pearl concealer (1) under my eyes to conceal the darkness. Because it is a night/party makeup I decided to also highlight my under eyes; that’s why I chose a concealer that is a few shades lighter than my skin complexion. I will apply my foundation on top later so it will not look too light but it will still give me some brightness. The color of my lids is darker than the rest of my face so sometimes I apply a concealer on this area from the lids to under my eyebrows (2) to even out everything. On the face I applied my foundation (3). This foundation comes with a concealer on top that is the exact same color. I used it to conceal the few parts of my face that were still a little bit uneven. I did that mostly around my mouth. I applied everything with my fingers because on my skin I found that the final result looks more natural that way.
2-The eyes
I applied a black eyeliner (4) on my entire eye lid and blended until the crease. As a result I got a dark/black base from the lid to the crease. You could also use a jumbo pencil or a black cream eyeshadow instead;but this black eyeliner was all I had... I applied some purple cream eyeshadow (5) on top gradually until I got the result I wanted. I focused that purple color on the center of my lids. To finish the eye look I applied a few coats of my favorite Mascara (7).
3-The cheeks
I could have applied a pink blush that would have perfectly fit with this purple eyeshadow but I thought it would not look sophisticated enough for a night/party look. So instead I picked a brick color (9).
4-The lips
I just applied a coat of a satin deep pink/plum lip lacker (10). I think this color really complements the look. I really love this lip product and really need to do a review on it soon.
This look is very simple; you just need to go step by step and you can easily adapt the colors to your liking. Keep the same skin and eye base and just change the eyeshadow and the lipstick . One more thing; please make sure to blend blend and blend again at each step. We don’t want any harsh line; that’s not cute at all.
Hope you enjoyed this look; and I wish a very happy 2014 to everyone !



You can find more tips on using cream eyeshadows here

Face pictures were taken with no flash; on natural day light with no retouch
1: Eve Pearl dual salmon concealer in dark/deep. I used the color dark under my eys
2: BlackUp: click pen concealer for my lids;color n°04
3: Lancôme foundation- teint viionnaire n°13
4: Makeup for evever-aqua eyes waterproof eye pencil; color n°10/black
5: Makeup for evever- aqua cream eyeshadow; color n°18:purplr
6: For my eyebrows-Urban Decay waterproof 24/7 glide-on eye pencil ; color demolition (dark brown).
7: Benefit-they're real mascara in black
8: Cargo: HD pressed powder; color n°40
9: BlackUp: blush; color n°BL11
10: Rimmel- apocalips lip lacquer, color eclipse n°304
11: Revlon-nail enamel ; color valentine n°046


  1. WOW I absolutely love this look on you Pam! So simple and so glam x

  2. Thank you so much; I am glad you like it :-)


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