Part 2/2: Can we use glycolic acid to get a more beautiful skin ?

 January 23rd; 2014 
Hello, here is the part 2 of my post on glycolic acid (part 1 here).
I found out about glycolic acid almost two years ago; and since then I have tried several products. The below picture shows different products in which glycolic acid is the main active ingredient.  I have tried all of them; but once at a time of course.  The main reason I bought each product was to reduce breakouts; get a more even skin tone; get a smoother skin texture and smaller pores.

The pads: (N°3) Peter Thomas Roth Gentle complexion correction pads 
This is the first product containing glycolic acid I have ever used. It also contains alcohol denat. Usually my skin does not react well with this alcohol but I did not have any problem. This product did help to shrunken my pores and smooth my skin a little bit; but it did nothing for my other skin issues.  

The creams: (N°1) Teosyal Radiant Night Peel/ (N°4) Filorga Sleep and Peel
As I wanted to avoid the use of denat alcohol I decided to try a night cream. I started to use the Switzerland brand Theosyal (N°1) but I did not see any result at all using this product although it claims that it contains 15% of glycolic acid which is the highest percentage of any products I have ever used. I have to say that I really doubt that this percentage is accurate because this level is usually use in Dermatologist offices only… Anyway; this product was a waste of my money.
Filorga:  I had read really good reviews on this product before I bought it and at first I was really pleased; my skin reacted well my pores got smaller and my skin tone was a little bit more even. Unfortunately those results lasted a few weeks only and after a while I did not see those results anymore. As this product is expensive I did not repurchase it.

The mask: (N°2) Caudalie enzymatic peel mask
After those unproductive experiences with night creams I found out about this glycolic based mask from Caudalie. I have already talked about this brand in this blog here, and so far I have been very pleased with all the products I have bought from them. Well this one is no exception; it did exactly what it claims: shrunken my pores; even out my skin tone; smooth my skin. I have used this product for 3 months last summer and my skin was glowing. I will definitely repurchase this mask.

One thing I can say about glycolic acid is that no matter the product I use; I have never had any adverse effects on my skin so far; which is a miracle for my very sensitive/reactive skin. It can takes some time to find the right product with the right ingredients that will work on our skin; but each skin is different so we just have to be patient.



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