How to remove glitter nail polish ? My tips...

 January 30th; 2014 
Hello, a few weeks ago I reviewed some glitter nail polishes from the brand Revlon. I still love this product but when I was writing that post I had not realized how difficult it is to get rid of this type of nail polish when you decide it is time to remove it. When I realized that it was going to be more difficult that I thought I soaked a cotton pad with my most efficient nail removers and applied it with pressure on my nails. I let that seat for 5 minutes. When I removed it I still had most of the nail polish on my nails. I had to admit that I was clueless so I called one of my friend who graduated from cosmetology school and asked her what was the best way to remove glitter nail polish. She told me to get my most efficient nail removers; cotton pads and aluminum paper.
1-soak the cotton padwith nail remover
2-wrap the cotton pad around your nail
3-wrap a piece of aluminum paper around the cotton pad
4-let everything seat for 15-20 minutes before you remove everything
She explained me that the aluminum paper will diffuse some heat on the nails so the nail remover will be more active/more efficient.
I followed her steps as it made sense to me. But my issue was that it was difficult to do all of that myself because I would always have a piece of aluminum or a cotton pad that would fall off so I decided to add one more step to make the all process more practical.
5-wrap a rubber band around each finger to keep everything in place. That's a simple tip but so useful as it allows you to take care of both hands at once. 
6-Remove the all thing and rub the remaining product. It should be very easy.

To be honest I really don’t like to leave my nails/fingers soaked with nail polisher for so long but that is necessary if you choose sparkly nail polishes. Next time I would think twice before using those type of nail polish. Hope it was helpful.


On my nails here I have 2 nail polishes: Revlon n°046/valentine (a bloody red) + Maybeline NY n°224 rosy (glitter)

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