Sparkles nail polishes to party - My review on Revlon Nail Enamel polishes

 December 11th, 2013 
lire en français ici Hello, today let’s talk about nail polishes for parties and for the holidays. I have discovered the below sparkly nail polishes last spring and thought that they will work great for those special occasions. Holidays are coming up very soon so I guess it is the perfect time for me to talk to you about it. The brand have more colors in but I fall in love with those 3.
The first color I have tested was the grey one. And let me tell you that I was very disappointed at first because I thought that the color on my nails will automatically come up exactly like the color on the bottle :a very dark sparkly grey. But what I got instead was a light translucent grey similar to the first picture below (left). After working a little bit more with the product I realized that the final result depends on the amount of product you decide to apply on your nails. It is actually very easy to control that amount thanks to asmart brush; so you have two choices. Number one, you can apply one thin layer first wait until it dries and then apply others layers as needed. The second option is to apply exactly the amount you need the first time. The brush is really easy to play with so you can choose to apply a small or a big amount at the first application. This nail polish does not dry quickly but for once it is a good thing because it gives you enough time to play with it and get the result you want.

On the below picture I give you a swatch of what the purpke color looks like on the nail. And once again on the left picture you can tell that the pigmentation (except for the sparkles) is not strong compared to the bottle. Because of the sparkles' colors I did not want to apply a big amount of product on my nails. This time to get the result I was looking for I chose to apply a regular purple nail polish first and then I applied a layer of the Revlon nail polish and I have to say that I love the result (right picture) and it makes me want to try this with other colors like pink or dark blue.
I had the same pigmentation issue with the gold color. Once again you can start by applying a layer of another color first; like a light beige or a light pink etc…. I also have to say that I love this gold color on its own (see picture below) I think it looks very chic and would be perfect to wear for a wedding.
As you can notice I am truly in love with those nail polishes because they offer many options furthermore Revlon is an affordable brand; those nail polishes retail for around 7£.
The last thing I can add is to be very careful when you apply it because sparkly nail polishes are verydifficult to remove so if you end up with some product on your fingers it is going to be very difficult to quickly correct your mistakes. Trust me, I am speaking from experience !


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