Products I repurchase again and again-My review: Origins/A Perfect World Lotion

 December 5th, 2013 
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Hello, today I want to talk about my Holy Grail product when it comes to toners and I am talking about the Perfect World toner from Origins. I found out about this product last year only although I have known this brand for many years. Toners are made to remove any last residue on your skin (cleanser residue) and sometimes they will also lightly exfoliate your skin, hydrate or help you control your oil production. It all depends on your skin needs. Personally I want a toner that lightly hydrates my skin and removes any traces of residue left. That seems easy to find but it is not especially when you try to avoid ingredients like alcohol mineral oil, fragrance etc...

I love the brand Origins so last year I decided to try this toner and I have no regret at all. It does hydrate lightly and removes anything left on the skin. Let me tell you something when I am done using my cleansers all my makeup is gone; but your cleanser itself also leaves some residue on your skin that is why you need a toner. Removing anythnig left, help your other products to penetrate your skin better so they work at their best. I use it with a round cotton pad and unlike other toners I can notice that my skin was not as clean as I thought.

I have tried many toners and I have to say that some of them were expensive but did absolutely nothing for me. I even stopped using them for a while for that reason. This toner does what it is supposed to do and I can feel the difference. It is amazing; it has a natural and pleasant odor; really I have nothing bad to say about it. It is not cheap (£19); but when you look at the ingredients list (mostly natural ingredients, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no synthetic fragrance etc...) you know what you pay for. In average it takes me 3 months to finish one bottle. There are 3 bottlse on the picture but it is my 4th one already and yes will keep on repurchasing it.


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