Step 1 for a beautiful skin: Clean your face/Removing dirt and makeup

 November 3rd; 2013 
Hello, in case you have not noticed yet I have a true passion for skin care so today let’s talk about why we should all clean our face and how. After a day outside our skin is saturated with debris: makeup, dirt, pollution, bacteria, sweat etc; and all of that can clog our pores. Clogged pores can cause acne especially if your skin is oily and/or sensitive. So cleansing your skin is not only a way to keep your face clean but it is also a good way to avoid the appearance of spots. Cleaning your face will also prepare your skin so your other facial products apply properly and work their best (serum, moisturizer…). 

There are many products on the market that claim to be makeup/dirt remover not all of them are good but the only way to find out is to test them out. All of them are designed in different formulas in order to work with every type of skin. But depending on the situation, your skin type, and what you are looking for as far as texture you may prefer one type of product over another.

1/Make-up wipes are the easiest to use. The good thing about it, is that you can easily remove your makeup anywhere. You don’t need water and you don’t need cotton pads.
2/Milk makeup remover is designed to be removed with cotton pads. It is good for very dry skin and for those who do not like to use water all the time. It is great for dry skin because while it removes makeup the creamy texture also moisturizes the skin.
3/Micellar water: You need to use this one with cotton pads as well but it leaves less residue than the wipes or the milk. It is also perfect for quick touch-up on specific areas ;
***For those 3 type of products you need to use wipes and cotton pads, so it’s not very ecological, but it is a good pick if you are in a place where you cannot use water. Although directions might say that you don’t need to rinse out with water, personnaly I do not do that because I hate to feel any residue left on my face.
4/Oils and Balms are good for every skin type. It works well on dry skin because it does not make those skin dryer; it works great on oily skin because although it is an oil, you have to rinse the product out. You might need to wash your face a second time with another type of product because depending on the brand after the first wash your face might feel sticky. The big plus of the oil is that it removes a HUGE amount of makeup with the first wash.
Jelly ,Mousse,Gel, Cleansing bar makeup removers work pretty much the same; you need water and you don’t have to use another product to remove all your makeup. Each type of product can work with any skin type you just need to find the right formula. I need to add that I have only tried 2 cleansing jelly products so far and they both have disappointed me. I had the feeling that the product was only gliding over my skin without grabbing enough makeup.
I am sure there are other type of products out there that I don’t even know about but I think the choice here is big enough for anyone to find its love. Personally on regular days I like to use cleansers with water (mousse or gel). If I don’t use water I can feel residue on my skin and I don’t have the feeling that my skin is clean enough. Because liquids are restricted on carry-on, when I travel I like to use wipes followed by a bar soap. If I am wearing a lot of makeup I like to start with an oil first followed by a gel/mousse. On lazy days I will use the micellar water but only if I wear little to no makeup.
Do not expect to remove your entire makeup with one wash only; even the best product can’t do that. Two washes at least is necessary. On the above pictures you can see some makeup removers I have used troughout the past years. Don’t be scared I don’t use all of them at the same time, some bottles are already empty. I love all of them except for the last one, the jelly from Melvita (n°7).

Now that you have all those information you have no excuse not to wash your face morning and night, at least if having a beautiful skin is what you're looking for.




  1. lovely makeup and beautiful skin

    1. Thanks but I have to say that my camera software helped me to embelish my skin for this picture.
      I used an application to make the picture look like a drawing. Otherwise for my make-up looks I never retouch the picture.

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  3. Hi although I think sunscreen is very important it is not the most important for me as you can wear a hat or avoid being in the sun during certain hours. But nothing can replace a good cleanser :-)

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