Products review for dry hair: Jane carter solution

 November 24th, 2013 
Hello, and first sorry that it took me longer than usual to write a new post but I have been doing several quick travels so I was missing out of time. I am plan on catching up for the next few weeks.

So today I want to talk about a brand I have tried for the first time last spring. I enjoy taking care of my hair and for that reason I usually like to buy natural ingredients that I mix myself to create my own products. I do my own detangler, moisturizer, leave-in and shea butter mix. Last spring I was too lazy so I decided to try the natural ingredients based brand Jane Carter Solution. This is not a 100% natural brand but looking at the ingredients you can tell that natural ingredients take a huge place. I have heard good things about this brand before but was convinced to try out those products when I met the owner at the annual afro hair show in London last May. I bought the first 3 below products and received the last two for free as samples to try out.
N°1-Revitalizing leave-in conditioner: for de-tangling and protecting hair from heat styling and the sun. On the picture you can see that the bottle is empty but it is only because I threw away most of the product in the sink. This product did not do anything special for detangling my hair and I quickly realized that it was leaving like a film on my hair. That is the first reason I stopped using it. My hair did not like this product.
N°2-Restore, moisture mist: shea hydrator for daily hydratation.This liquid moisturizer smells really good, the bottle is well designed, it is easy to grab, the pump is also really easy to use and it sprays out the product evenly on the hair. I used this product while I was wearing braids so it made it easy to moisturize my hair. The bottle is empty because I have used it all up. But I still use this bottle with other liquid mix. I love this product so I could buy it again if I was too lazy to make my own mix again and also to get this really well designed bottle!
N°3-Moisture and shine for dry hair and skin, 100% natural-I bought this product because it reminded me of my own Shea butter mix. I have only tried it on the hair. I have used this product a lot but as you can see there is still a small amount left; it is because a little bit goes a long way. I use this to seal my hair. I moisturized my hair with product N°2 and seal it with this product mix with the oil (product N°4). This product is really thick so you have to mix it with oil for an easier application.
N°4-Hydrate, seal and shine. This oil moisturize well, smells very good and it is very light but I don’t think I would repurchase it despite the fact that it is efficient. You can find many natural oils (olive, argan, grape seed) on the market that will do the same job but if you are someone that really pay attention to odours, go for this one.
N°5- Curl defining cream (picture below). This product is designed to moisturize and define curls. You need to apply it when your hair is wet. My hair is chemically straighten, relaxed/texlaxed so I don’t use this on my entire head of hair. My natural hair is kinky and frizzy/curly on the edges so a few months after I have relaxed my hair you can see that the friziness is back and this product really helps defining those curls. It is really creamy and do not have a particular smell. I love this product and it is a product that I cannot do myself so yes it is a product I can repurchase and I have already done so.
Overall despite my disapointment with the leave-in I am really pleased with this brand and I will probably try out other products in the future. Prices range from £8 to 15£. They have different lines depending on your hair needs so check them out on their official website here:


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