Battle of the brands-My review: Simple VS Bioderma makeup wipes

 November 29th, 2013 
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Hello, on my last post I was telling you that I have been doing some quick travels lately. Well I was on several flights and the only thing I could bring with me was my carry-on. As you may or may not know we are only allowed to bring a very limited amount of liquid in the plane so when I travel my skin care routine changes a bit and toremove makeup I use wipes instead of regular gel, followed by a cleansing bar.

I have tried 2 brands;Simple and Bioderma. Both brands use simple ingredients and target sensitive skin. Both packaging contain 25 wipes and no alcohol. For the price we have £3.25 for Simple £5.49 for Bioderma.
The packaging of both brands is very similar, the wipes have almost the same size (Simple wipes are just a bit smaller). They both seem very similar but there are still few differences...
-The simple wipes have a very natural and light smell (there is no perfume) whereas the Bioderma smell is a little stronger (last ingredient: high tolerance perfume). I was expected it to have the same smell as the Bioderma micellar water but that’s not the case. It smells exactly like baby wipes. If you spend time with babies you know exactly what I am talking about. That’s not a bad smell but it was just surprising at first.
-The otherdifference is that the Bioderma wipes are more moisturized; they contain more product than the Simple ones and as a result they feel softer on the skin.

Both brands were able to remove all my makeup included waterproof mascara but I had to use 2 Bioderma wipes versus 3 for Simple. Bioderma wipes are more expensive but  they are more effective so you need less product. Because it smells so much like baby wipes I want to make an experiment next time and try those to find out if they are also effective to remove makeup.

If I have to use makeup wipes I want to be able to remove my makeup quickly and Bioderma give me that. So although both products are good for this battle Bioderma wins, Simple loses.


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