Part2/2: Products I should have never bought: Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector...

 October 26th; 2013 
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Today let's continue with those products I should have never bought.
I have already made a post for the product n°1 here.

Product N°2:Dermalogica skin resurfacing cleanser
First I want to say that I have nothing against that brand; in fact I have used other products that worked great for me. This particular product is a dual-action exfoliating cleanser with antioxidant, vitamine E etc... and a highly-active lactic acid. To sum up it is a cleanser and a chemical exfoliator at the same time (no scrubbing). The brand claims that it removes dulling surface debris and help accelerate skin turnover. It is to use from 2/week to everyday depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Because it does contain AHA the brand reminds that it is necessary to use a sunscreen.
Ok, I followed all the directions ; and I quickly realized that despite my combination skin it was too drying for me so I decided to use it 2/week but it was still too drying. I have to say that my skin always felt softer after I have used this product but my skin was also so dehydrated that I started to get fine lines !!!!!!
Ok I have not been completely honest here the brand also states that this product is designed for skin suffering from visible signs of aging which is obviously not my case but I though it would work well as a chemical exfoliant... Well that was a bad idea. This product was way too dry for my combination skin but I can't imagine the effect on aging skin that tends to be dry.
My conclusion: Try to focus on product that are designed for your skin type and concerns.

Product N°3: Dermagor cleanser
This product is designed for oily/combination skin and the brands states that it is a gentle cleanser that limits prolifaration of bacterias, so it is good for acne pron skin. I was adviced this product by a dermatologist; and before I bought it I checked the reviews online and most of them were good. Well; thank god this product was not expensive (around £6) because I used it 3 times. This product was way too drying for my combination dehydrated skin so I had too quickly stoped using it because once again I was starting to get fine lines of dehydratation.
My conclusion: Do not think that because a product is exactly designed for your skin type and also adviced by your dermatologist that it is automatically going to work for you.

Product N°4: Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector
Like everyone I think I have known the brand Clinique for a while now and I had succesfully used some of their products in the past (moisturisers, toners....). I used to suffer from many dark spots and also uneven skin tone is a continuous issue. I talked about it here. So when I saw their commercial on TV I was really enthousiastic and I was even more pleased because for once they chose models of different ethnicities for their compain. One of them being Black; so of course I was sure that it should work for me. Well this product is the one that disapointed the most I think. First it is expensif but the bottle does not last a long time (1.5 month for me), second this product did not do anything for my dark spots neither did it do something for my uneven skin tone. I bought 3 bottles and the ending result was: NOTHING !!!!
My Conclusion: Do not think a product is going to work just becaus they have a good commercial.

That's sad to say but the reality is that there is no way to be sure that a product is going to work for us; especially skin care products as each skin is so special.
We can read reviews, listen to dermatologists, use brands that we know but in the end we just have to test it out and pray LOL !



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