My love for Cream Eyeshadows

 October 2nd; 2013 
Hello ; today I want to talk about cream eyeshadows because I think that we don’t talk about them enough although they present many benefits.
1-Make Up For Ever- Aqua cream n°15/ 2-Gemey Maybelline Color Tatoo 24 hour n°65 Pink Gold/ 3-Benefit "get figgy"
4-Make Up For Ever-Aqua cream n°18/5-Gemey Maybelline Color Tatoo 24 hour n°20 Turquoise Forever
Those eyeshadows are very useful in summertime because they are long lasting or waterproof (e.g: MakeUp For Ever). They are a good pick if you want stunning pictures for summer weddings and parties as you do not want your makeup to disappear along the party. In winter times I love to use those to go to work because I am always looking for new ways to avoid touching my makeup during the day; especially my eyes. I wear contacts and my eyes are VERY sensitive to everything so you may have noticed that I always use waterproof or very long lasting makeup for my eyes. From the above cream eyeshadows the main color I use for work is the n°3“get figgy” from Benefit. The brand has changed its packaging last spring and unfortunately they have removed that color but you can find a cheaper dupe from Gemey Maybeline (n°70, metallic pomegranate). From the moment I leave the house in the morning to the moment I am back in the evening my eyes look exactly the same. 
The first time you use this type of eyeshadow it may seem complicated but you just need to practice a little. You can apply it with a brush or eye sponge but the easiest way I think is to simply use your fingers. You need to be careful because you can easily end up with too much cream on your skin. As I said previously it is very pigmented so you really don’t need a lot of product. Here is a tip; once you have the cream on your fingers/brush, play with it on the back of your hand first to get the right amount. The more you will practice the easiest it will get I promise !

If you are a fan of makeup look for eyes done with a mix of multiple colors you will probably be disappointed by this product because its texture does not allow that. The easiest look is to apply one color only as below (more pictures here)
Makeup look with Gemey Maybelline Pink Gold cream eyeshadow only on the lids
A more sophisticated look would be to add a darker color (powder or cream) on top, on the last ¾ corner of your eyes to get more definition. Another look would be to create an easy smoky eye by applying a black cream eyeshadow first and then lightly add the other color on top. Just always remember that these textures become dry fast once it is on your skin so you have to work fast. Those products are so pigmented that you can also use the darkest colors as eyeliners.
The first time I found out about those eyeshadows it was at a MakeUp Forever counter a few years ago. Since that date many brands have launched their own products, from high-end brands (Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Seisheido) to some drugstore brands (Gemey Maybeline, ELF) to suit every pocket. I have used cream eyeshadow for a few years now and I really love them, there is a huge choice of colors and I wish I had more.Yes I know I don't NEED more but I am a such a product junkie and I am sure I am not the only one ...

Dianna. H

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