Fashion trends:Tapestry inspired - From runways to retail stores-Fall/winter 2013-14

 September 29th; 2013 
lire en français ici Hello, here is a new post for my fashion trends series and today we are talking about tapestries. At first glance this trend is definitely the scariest but I have to say that it is my favorite one because it is the most original and it looks so good when it is well done. As the title states it consists of using printed patterns that you would usually see on tapestries; (carpets,walls  ...) on clothes. 
First of all I have to say that from all I have seen in retail stores so far it seems that it only works well on tops and dresses. Any skirts or trousers I have seen with this trend looked like a fail to me. It just looks weird. But in any case be careful with this trend because I have also seen some patterns that was horrific whether it was on tops or trousers. This is a very risky trend if you don’t know how to style your outfits because although you can look really fine with it you could also look like you are walking around with a carpet on your shoulders and that is not cute at all ahahah !!!

Here is my only tip for this trend; you have to pair it with a monochrome item. Of course colors also have to match. I know it’s tempted to be more adventurous but unless your name is Gucci or Yves Saint Laurent please just play it safe !

Well I love all the above items and my favorite is this Massimo Dutti shirt; it is a 100% silk material. I can perfectly picture myself wearing this with a grey bottom suit-pant for work. For going out I would pair it with a black leather mini skirt or trousers.
Now that I think about it need to add the green dress by Benetton. I think it is my item crush for this season. I would pair it with a brown or plum heavy cardigan, big brown purse and brown shoes .

I f you want to see how stunning this trend looked on runways please have a look at those 2 different but stunning outfits from Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen


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