My summer crush: Golden shoes

 August 6, 2013  
 Hello and welcome to my Blog!
We are lucky because it is summer time (in most part of the world at least) and as the title of my blog states I like to keep things simple sometimes. So usually when the summer days come I am always on the hunt for golden shoes. Why? First because the gold color itself reminds me of the sun and the summer season, it is shiny and the sunlight makes it look even brighter. Second because it fits every color and outfit so it is really easy to wear. You can easily dress it down or up depending on your jewels/hairstyle/accessories. And last but not least it just looks so beautiful when you pair it up with a bright nail color on your toes.
What I prefer to wear with gold shoes is a monochrome outfit like a short/long dress or a jumpsuit. Here I chose a short pastel purple dress. The dress itself and the bright nail polish give a chic style to the look I think. I was not looking for something too sophisticated; that’s why I did not wear any earrings or makeup and decided to wear a simple curly ponytail. I think that it is a perfect look for a lunch out with family/friends on a hot summer day. If that was for a dinner I would have just added some earrings, chose a classy purse and I would have worn a very natural makeup. A nude makeup would be perfect.

No matter what I am wearing if I am in a rush and I want to save time, instead of wondering:”OK, now what about the shoes?” I can always rely on a pair of gold shoes because it matches everything! It has been my summer crush for several years now.

What about you ? Do you like gold shoes for the summertime; or do you have any other summer crush?

To anyone reading, thank you for reading my first post J

Dianna. H

Glasses: H&M-bought in May 2013
Dress: Bennetton-bought many years ago)
Purse: Monoprix-bought many years ago (Monoprix is a French supermarket where you can also buy clothes. Similar to Target(US) or mark and Spencer (UK)
Nail polish: Rimmel London- color 030 “Double decker red”-still in store
Shoes: New look-bought in May 2013

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